Volunteers become Level I Coaches

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At the First Tee of Greater Detroit, we are always striving to improve the learning experience for our participants. Finding news ways to capture the attention and hearts of our young people is never an easy task, but we have great staff and volunteers that help take the program to the next level.

In September 2018, five of our top volunteers decided to take the next step in the process to become a Level I Coach. For three days, they learned about PAR level training from some of national First Tee coaches at the Ben Hogan Learning Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

On the first day, there was no time wasted. All the volunteers were handed a packet of material and before they knew it everyone was outside facing the Texas heat and learning how to change their teaching style from direct to seamless.

Working in groups the volunteers worked through mock examples of how to solve problems, maintain the children’s attention, and really think outside of the box.

The interactive content made the second day fly by as they learned how to develop and organize lesson plans. Later in the day, they were surprised with tomorrow’s agenda that read their lesson plans would be delivered to 40 active youth and analyzed by their peers.

After excellent training over the first two days, all groups delivered successful 60-minute lessons that captured the attention and hearts of young students by connecting them to the nine core values of life and the game of golf.

The three days of training to reach Level I was all the volunteers could have asked for and more. Each one left with the feeling that they were prepared to enhance the life of youth in their First Tee program.

Congrats to Joann, Jennifer, Nick, Thomas and Tara on becoming a Level I Coach!

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